Warm Greetings ! it is with great pride and honer that i welcome you to JHALAWAR NURSING COLLEGE, JHALAWAR. The graduate nursing education program highlights the newest trends in teaching strategies and technology. The increasing requirement for professional nurses in various settings like, hospitals and community-based settings all over the world is well known. The college prepares students to meet the exciting challenges of professional nursing. Students of this college gets an opportunity to prepare themselves to meet the demand for the challenging health care services. Once selected the students become part of the big family where all their physical, emotional, social and academic needs are carefully met in order to nurture them holistically. In students, we recognize the uniqueness and diversity of each person. They are respected, protected and also given opportunities for self determination and self-expression with confidence and dignity. Each day, I am motivated by the energy and vitality! Our students, faculty, and administrators are rising to society’s challenge to provide humane, pioneering care to anyone who needs it. Whether you are looking to pursue or advance your nursing career, or if you are interested in joining the ranks of a talented interdisciplinary faculty, Jhalawar nursing college offers a solid foundation upon which to build your future.

Prof. Manoj Goswami

( Prof. )