Single window delivery of Total Health Care Nursing needs. Total quality management in service & education. To train general, specialized, & allied professionals. To meet regional & National Health Care nursing services. Work to contribute to global Health Care Nursing knowledge & skills. Be efficient, effective, community acceptable, in service, education & research. To impart knowledge & interact with organizations of similar Interest. Fostering global competencies, inculcating value system among learners. Promote use of technology of relevance Reach the unreachable with awareness, education & service.


At jhalawar nursing college, we generate knowledge through research in nursing, health, and interdisciplinary science; we educate leaders in nursing to advance healthcare locally and globally; we provide innovative and exemplary healthcare; and we shape the future of nursing through leadership in healthcare policy. Our mission is to create a perfect environment and infrastructure that executes organizational vision and regulatory agency requirements to train students for the award of ANM, GNM, B.Sc. Nursing, P.B.B.Sc. Nursing and M.Sc. Nursing in different subjects involving total quality management at different levels of education, service and tra





To help students acquire knowledge of theory and principles of nursing and allied subjects in the delivery of comprehensive nursing practice. To provide quality care to clients at various settings such as hospital, community and other health care agencies based on problem solving approach and evidence based care. To promote overall development of nursing students with special emphasis on cultural, intellectual, psychosocial and spiritual aspects. To help students to practice ethical values in their personal and professional life. To prepare students to assume leadership positions in nursing service, education and administration with high level of professional knowledge and competency.